About Overview (About NICT Quantum Camp)

Background / Target Establishment background/objective

The representative fields of Quantum ICT of Quantum computing and Quantum communications attract a lot of expectation for surpassing legacy performance. Research and development of fundamental technology and testing and analysis of industrial application is being carried out as it is still a new field. Furthermore, human resources cannot be described as abundant and the importance of cultivation of 'Quantum natives' is described in the final report of the Cabinet Office's Quantum technology innovation strategy. In these circumstances, in 2020 NICT started a Quantum ICT human resources cultivation program 'NICT Quantum Camp' to effectively and efficiently cultivate Quantum ICT human resources.

Summary Program overview

NICT Quantum Camp (NQC ) runs 3 human resources cultivation programs with the objective of cultivating human resources in the Quantum ICT field.

  • Holds public seminars for lectures teaching fundamentals of Quantum ICT.
  • ICT experience human resources cultivation course holding lectures/exercises on fundamentals and technical skills for applying Quantum ICT
  • Exploration/Problem-solving human resources cultivation course for setting of own research topics in Quantum ICT to carry out research and development on
In experience human resources cultivation, the country's foremost specialists are invited to hold lectures and workshops for those interested in quantum technology. Anyone who has an interest in quantum technology and wishes to learn about it, anyone who wishes to meet quantum technology specialists, etc., can participate. There is no age limit and a wide range of people participate. In exploration/problem-solving human resources cultivation, support is provided for funding of investigation/research and development, etc., into quantum technology. People offer activities or topics they wish to undertake. If they are regarding Quantum technology, topics are open, from research objectives to development or investigation on the application side. A variety of qualities including originality, usefulness, etc., are considered in selecting about 5 topics every year.

Company About the organizer

The organizer NICT: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology is the sole public research institute specializing in the Information and Communications field. As well as carrying out research and development in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), serving as the driving force in realizing a rich, safe society and in our country's economic growth, it is also active in promotion of Information and Communications business.

Secretariat Secretariat

  • ロゴ:国立研究開発法人情報通信研究機構 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.
  • ロゴ:NTTコミュニケーションズ株式会社 NTT Communications Corporation
  • ロゴ:株式会社ギブリー Givery, Inc.
  • ロゴ:株式会社イーサイド e-side, inc.